About us

About us

Founded in 2006, V2S Corporation is a multinational which offers Infrastructure and Application services to all sectors. We are experts in Innovative Virtualization Solutions as a response to solve the current challenges in Digital Transformation. Our personalized solutions and our knowledge about the different sectors are our main differentiators. We've been auditing, designing, deploying and managing the most advanced virtualization solutions for years. Our services are framed within professionalism, precision, innovation and quality.

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Digital Transformation Spots

We help you to solve your current challenges with the best Virtualization Solutions

Modernize your Data Center

Face the flexibility performance demanded by the Digital Transformation new era with our advanced Virtualization Techniques

Boost Digital Work Environments

Flexible job? Access at any time and place to your applications and services from different devices

Transform your Security

Reproduce your entire network system in software, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting your data, applications and infrastructure

Ensure an Always ON Business

Simplify backup and recover your data, applications and systems in case of any disaster

Improve your Way of Collaborating

Improve productivity and effective collaboration between people and manage your contents and processes in a more efficient way

Key technologies

Our Services

Our "end-to-end" approach helps you to transform your company with services ranging from strategic consulting, to design, implementation, training, and solution management


High commitment

V2S: Technological partner, highly committed to the client; always allows us to work combining high performance with the highest possible optimization

Antonio Herrero González, Information Systems Director. Quiron Health.

Broad Experience

Thanks to the collaboration of our V2S partner, we have been able to implement a virtualization environment in a secure way and without causing any stoppage in the business. Their extensive experience has provided great stability in information systems that will allow us to increase all kinds of services such as document management, and laboratory analysis at a minimum cost.

Javier Sánchez Corporate IT Manager. Spanish Gesgenericos Group, Information Systems Director.

Smoothness and Trust

With V2S, we have once again relied on technology providers, they have given us peace of mind about our data center.

Francesc Morales. System Administrator. Ascensores Eninter

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Global Presence

V2S Corporation operates globally developing projects in different countries. We have offices and staff in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Although our operations are widespread, our focus is to operate as a global multinational company, centered in the service quality. We use the same methodology and approach where we offer our services, adapting, at the same time, to local challenges.

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